Rifle/Pistol Cleaning Kit 7 Piece

Rifle/Pistol Cleaning Kit 7 Piece

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Dac Technologies 7 Piece 17-22 Caliber Pistol/Rifle Cleaning Kit Shotgun Cleaning Kit has 14 pieces of Solid Brass Rods, Brass Brushes, Mops, Accessories, Choke Tube Cleaning Handle, and cleaning patches in a durable custom storage case. Pistol/Rifle Cleaning Kit 10 Pieces: Handle with three solid brass rods, 17 cal. brass bore brush, 22 cal. brass bore brush, 17 and 22 cal. jag tips, polishing cloth and 25 cleaning patches, in a durable storage case. Black Powder Cleaning Kit 17 Pieces: Machine Grip Handle, Heavy Duty Solid Brass Rods (can double as a ram rod), 50 cal. Brush, Mop and Brass Jag, 10 Lubricated Patches, in a durable storage case.


  • Unit of Measure: EA
  • UPC: 761903368795
  • Brand: Dac Technologies
  • Manufacturer Number: UGC172
  • Type: Cleaning Kit
  • Quantity: 1 Kit
  • Size: 17-22 Caliber
  • Size: 17-22 Cal
  • Pieces: 7
  • Bristle Type: Brass

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